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How To Cut Down The Stress Of Moving House

The stress of moving house is a real thing, and most of us know from experience that it can really take its toll on your health and general levels of wellbeing. Research has even suggested that moving home is more stressful than getting divorced.

If you’re dealing with both at the same time and you’re embarking on life as a single parent, then you’ll have a lot on your plate to deal with right now. But there are many things you can do to cut down the stress of moving house, and make the process as pain-free as possible. Check out my best tips…

Take the opportunity to declutter before you move

The last thing that you want to do is end up packing and hauling around items that you really don’t even want or need. Before you start the process of planning your move, make it your mission to get rid of unloved items that are no longer serving you. You could send them off to a charity shop in your local area, or if you’re trying to improve your finances, you might want to consider listing things on eBay.

Put together a file for all your documents

Part of the stress of moving house is organising all the documents that will come your way. They can feel like they’re never-ending, and inevitably someone will end up needing to see something that you’ve misplaced. To avoid this happening, put together a file for everything you’re likely to need.

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Familiarise yourself with your new area before the move

If you’re moving to a new area, then making sure that you know what’s about will help you to settle your mind and escape much of the stress of moving house. Find out where the nearest supermarket or corner shop is, so you know where to go to pick up supplies. Check out a few of the local cafes, so you’ve got somewhere to escape to for a quiet moment whilst you’re unpacking. You’ll soon find yourself part of the community.

Calculate all the costs associated with moving

Moving can be seriously expensive, and you can avoid the financial hangover by budgeting in advance. If you’re using a removal service, don’t be scared to shop around and get various quotes before making your decision. The cheapest isn’t necessarily the best, but it’s wise to know what’s available. I like to build a slight buffer into my budgets for unexpected costs, which are often par for the course when it comes to moving house.

Plan your first night in your new home

The start of your new chapter should be an exciting one, and you need to make sure that you have things to look forward to. You’re likely to be tired out by the time you have your first night in your new home, so plan how you’ll spend your evening and what can make it a little bit special. It’s likely that you won’t have everything unpacked, so consider treating yourself to a takeaway.

Do you have any extra advice that you’d share with anyone who’s moving house soon?