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4 Reasons Why I Love Being A Bunny Owner

I’ve been a bunny owner for quite a few years now, and I seriously can’t imagine life without them. But whilst these days I’ll talk about my rabbits at any opportunity (complete with showing off the hundreds of photos of them that I have on my phone), I actually grew up with without pets, and I’ll be totally honest… I didn’t really see the attraction, or have any real desire to own them myself.

But my kids wanted to own a pet, and after much research and consideration, I decided that rabbits would be the ideal option for us. It’s a decision that I certainly don’t regret. Here are four reasons why I love being a bunny owner…

Animals can seriously boost your mental health

There’s a huge body of scientific research that suggests that there’s a very clear link between pet ownership and mental health. I’ve definitely found this to be true. My rabbits keep me company whilst I’m home alone   – something that I’ve found so comforting since becoming a single parent – and they instil an extra element of proper routine into my life.


They have distinct personalities of their own

This one is probably harder to understand unless you’re a bunny owner yourself. It’s well known that dogs have their own personalities, but the exact same thing is true when it comes to rabbits. One of mine is shy and reserved, and doesn’t like to be fussed over too much. The other is more outgoing, and always eager to find out what’s going on and be in the middle of things. They’re completely different characters in their own right, and it’s both fascinating and heart warming to see how their personalities develop over time.

They’re relatively low maintenance

Between life with children and working in a full-time job, I knew that having a dog simply wouldn’t be an option. I do want to stress here though that rabbits do take considerable time, care, and attention. They need time to socialise, they need exercise, and they’re not a commitment that’s to be entered into lightly. Before bringing any kind of pet into your home, you need to do a lot of thinking about whether it’s the right choice for you, and whether you can give the animal the love that it deserves. For more information on what to expect, see this guide to rabbit care.

They teach my kids about responsibility and develop caring behaviours

From the offset, I made sure that my children were a key part of the animal routine in our household. They have responsibilities that include feeding and cleaning, and I believe that this helped their own development come on in leaps and bounds. At the beginning I always made sure that I supervised time with the bunnies, but as the kids have grown a little older, I’m confident that they can take their daily routines seriously and handle them with care.

If you’re trying to decide whether a habit would be a good choice for your family, then I hope my experiences will help you to make an informed decision.