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christmas as a single parent
Money & Budgeting Single Parenting

How To Survive Christmas As A Single Parent

Surviving Christmas as a single parent is a daunting task, especially if you’ve only recently separated from your partner. Not only are there practical considerations to take care of, such as who has the kids on certain days and how on earth you’ll make your budget stretch far enough, but it can also be quite …

christmas budgeting
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Your Ultimate Guide To Christmas Budgeting

At this time of year, Christmas budgeting is something that’s weighing heavily on many people’s minds. It’s no secret that so many families find themselves going into the new year with crippling levels of debt, and it’s all too easy to spend way more than you intended. It’s hard enough to survive Christmas as a …

newly single parent
Money & Budgeting Single Parenting

What You Really Need To Know As A Newly Single Parent

If you’ve stumbled across this blog as a newly single parent, then I know that you’re probably feeling a little nervous, unsettled, and anxious about what the future holds for you and your family. It’s a tough time to try to deal with, and it’s likely that you’ll be dealing with some complex emotions as …

improve your finances
Money & Budgeting

7 Things You Can Do This Weekend To Improve Your Finances

If you want to improve your finances, then it’s really easy to keep putting things off until another day. It’s a task that so many of us find pretty boring, and we’re often more inclined to bury our heads in the sand and just hope for the best. But making positive changes doesn’t have to …

emergency fund
Money & Budgeting Single Parenting

Why An Emergency Fund Is Essential For Single Parents

If you’ve spent any time at all delving into the world of personal finance online, then you’ll no doubt be familiar with the concept of an emergency fund. It’s quite simply a sum of cash that you set aside to cover the unexpected financial costs that life can sometimes throw at us, and it give …